Werkstatt is a creative's speakeasy located in the ice district in the heart of downtown Edmonton. The perfect rental space for your creative project or event!


Our team is made up of professional photographers, film makers, music producers, festival planners and communication specialists. We can help with your production from setup, to lighting design, to production to marketing.

Heiko Ryll Studios | Design by Komputer | Road 55
Six Shooter Records | Dan Davidson


The Studio

We wanna make it easy so we’ve decided to provide all of our professional grip and lighting equipment included in the rental cost! I know, crazy right?! All you need to bring is an idea, a camera and some creative energy. No wasted time loading equipment!


  • C-Stands

  • 6 - Extension Arms with Knuckles

  • 4 - Kupo Heavy Duty Stands

  • 1 - Mega Boom Stand

  • 4 - Multi-Clamps

  • Elinchrom ELC 500, D-Lites

  • 2 - Elinchrom 3x4 softboxes

  • Shoot-through and reflective umbrellas

  • Snoot, Reflectors, Grids

  • Beauty Dish

  • 2 - Ledgo LED Panels

  • 1 - Ledgo Video Light w/softbox and grid

  • Smoke Machine

  • Fans and Leaf Blower

The Event Space

Our space can accommodate up to 75 people comfortably with a small kitchen space and 2 bathrooms. We have partnerships with restaurants and alcohol suppliers in the area to help with your event! If you’re looking to host the next kegger of all keggers… we miiight not be the right be the right place, but if your looking to have a pop up event, product launch, seminar, small wedding reception or cocktail party in a unique location, then we might be the perfect place!


  • Ground Level with loading zone access

  • Plenty of Parking in the area (Free after 6pm)

  • Operational Kitchen (Sink, Coffee,
    Tea, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Fridge)

  • Two Bathrooms

  • 10’x8’ Moveable Wall

  • Lounge area with Couches, TV,
    Video Games and Computer

  • Wifi

  • Rolling table with chairs

  • Rolling Cart for equipment