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We work with musicians, festivals, communities and brands to create the marketing assets to help grow their audience and business.

The Werkstatt Kollective is film and commercial photography production studio located in the heart of Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Over 20 years of creative and business knowledge allows the creation of a brand experience by collaborating with our clients and understanding their customer's needs.

We accomplish this by partnering in the creative process right at the concept stage to define the success criteria that is a measurable goal for our clients to ensure all the marketing and asset production is on point.


Taste of Edmonton

An anchor project that started and supported the growth of the Kollective. For the past 4 years we have provided all the photography, pre-festival to post festival, and for the past 3 years we have supplied all the video content, for uses ranging from social media to providing local broadcasters with daily on-the-ground content. This year’s focus is on developing set marketing pieces that will be used for awards submissions around the world.


Big Valley Jamboree

Daily videos for social media, documentary photography and festival after movies have been where The Kollective have had the opportunity to create without too many boundaries to reinforce the strength of the brand and to provide sponsor value for this incredible country music festival held every year in Alberta. The team is on-site for the whole festival to capture all the key moments.

Revlon Professional

Revlon Professional Canada commissioned The Kollective to document the creation of their headlining show at the 2014 Contessa Awards in Toronto. We were responsible for documenting using video and photography as well as setup an on-location studio to capture the looks before the models hit the runway. A secondary piece of the project was to include one their key partners, Fiorio, into the video and photo content that was used to showcase the partnership at a future event.

The Washboard Union

On tour, capturing what goes on behind the scenes, The Kollective have over 30 years of professional music experience and have performed all over the world in small clubs to stadiums. We provide content that is authentic and brand specific.

Painters Enterprise

A progressive painting company needed a unique perspective on their space and showcase the culture that they have created for their team. Right after this video was made a mini half-pipe was built in the garage to allow for skate breaks.

Naked & Famous

Working with brands to create content that is unique and specific to their needs. We produce the whole production, from location planning, sourcing talent, production and post-production. The Kollective partner with our brands to work through the whole creative process.


Singer/songwriter Maddie Storvold is embarking on the creation of a web mini-series showcasing three small towns in Alberta and working with local artists to create unique performances in unique locations showcasing the personality of the local culture.

Triumph Motorcycles

We will travel the world for our clients, hitting up unique locations and working with the locals to create the content that is on point to their brand messaging. The Kollective will handle all the logistics to allow creative freedom for our clients.

Culture COllective

A showcase of the local creator community in Edmonton, the Culture Collective, was the creation of two local DJ’s who wanted to celebrate the Edmonton community, by hosting variety shows and giving local makers a space to sell and market their goods.


City of St. Albert

In partnership with PlanIt Sound and the City of St. Albert, The Kollective was commissioned to create all the photography for the cities tourist board that is being used for all their marketing collateral. The Kollective worked closely with PlanIt Sound and the production team to create photographs that captured the same mood as the video footage to keep the campaign on brand.